Getting to know my weapon

Krishna Das says that we do a practice so we can have a vote – A vote in how we react to the world and to our thoughts. I’ve always been pro-democracy.

I just never realized until recently that my world has been a tyranny.

As I get ready to stage a revolution, I take stock of the weapon I have at my disposal. My arsenal: attention to my breath. Eek!

Would prefer a more fearful weapon. A drone? Something metal with spikes? Even a sneeze might be a better weapon than my breath.

Ok, fine. The breath. I’ll keep my attention on the breath. Inhale. Exhale.

How can I focus on the breath without thinking about it? My battle today: experiencing the breath for what it actually is (and try not to get bored).

Feel the body expand and contract.

Allow the inhale to fill your entire field of experience.

Bring the attention to the space between the inhale and exhale and between the exhale and inhale.

What happens at the fullest part of the inhale and the emptiest part of the exhale?

Notice the temperature of the breath. The change in temperature between inhale and exhale.

Feel the body rise with the inhale and gently fall with the exhale.

Notice the air tingling the nose hairs.

Watch the rhythm of the breath change.

Each time I sit to meditate, I win one small battle (bloody though it may be) against the oligarchy of power ruling my world.

Maybe I should just make friends with my enemy. Battling is tiring.


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