On continuity and momentum.

I have to say that I’ve been grateful for these days of waking up and moving immediately to sit. Of course, I’m not saying it’s been easy. These colder, darker mornings have left me yearning to linger in bed a bit longer, and while I’ve allowed myself this to a certain extent, I’ve remained vigilant that bed-lingering is not allowed to be replacement for sitting.

I find that inevitably after I sit in the mornings, I open my eyes and the day seems brighter. I feel more awakened to my senses and the world takes on a different hue and feels more focused. Whatever comes up during m y practice, this almost always seems to be the case. Could it be that I’m just more in tune to what this feels like? Or that things are really changing in my mind? Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Perhaps the most significant change I’ve noticed, almost immediately, is a general flexibility, malleability, and positive persistence towards things I’m passionate about in life. One thing I have had extreme difficulty with lately is carving time out of my schedule to practice my singing. Until now, I really hadn’t sung at all since the last show I did in mid-December, aside from the church choir job that I currently hold. This really isn’t great, as I need that continuity in order to see strides in that area of my life, and I’m not getting it. However, within the last week I’ve practiced TWICE. That’s unheard of for me when I don’t necessarily have a show I’m currently trying to learn.

So I suppose I’m interested to experiment with this a bit further. I like how Sharon referred to all of this as an experiment, as that’s largely how I’ve viewed my yoga and meditation practice from the very beginning. Is the continuity of my practice creating momentum in both meditation as well as everyday life? How long can I maintain this momentum? How do I meet myself in meditation without fixating on these results?

Lots of questions for now, but I’ll see how it goes. I suppose until the answers come, I’ll just try to sit, focus, and breathe.


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