Everything but

Set up my meditation corner.


Can’t meditate now. I just drank some coffee. I’ll never be able to quiet the mind with this caffeine hit.


I’ll read Sharon’s book so I can be prepared for next week’s assignment.


Do a little pigeon pose to open my hips so I can sit longer today.


I should Neti Pot because I hate when there are boogers in my nose when I’m focusing on the breath.

I’ll eat lunch.

I’m too full to sit. I’ll just fall asleep. Let me take a walk first to wake up.


I need a snack now.


I paid attention to my breath for 3 minutes on the subway this morning. And 4 minutes on the subway ride home. Does that mean I just need to sit for 13 minutes now?


2 responses to “Everything but

  1. it’s amazing how we always manage to find other things to do, however worthwhile, besides the task at hand. story of my life!

    and i love your meditation corner. trying to figure out how to carve one into our apartment as well…

  2. I’ve done the caffeinated meditation thing.. and it’s interesting. I find that I can focus on the sensation of the caffeine in my body, it swimming through my veins and energizing me. Also can be a good challenge for the mind 🙂

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