Toe knuckles

Yesterday was a really awesome day. Plain and simple. It was full of joy and gratitude and I was present for every moment of it. Yes, it gave me a little change-up in my practice – I didn’t meditate for the usual length and I didn’t start the mindfulness and the body practice of week two. But I’m totally OK with that because I did make sure to sit down for a bit, close my eyes, and give a lot of thanks to this guy:


It felt so good to come back home in the midst of all my excitement. If I wasn’t doing the challenge I probably wouldn’t have made the time to sit and I would have missed out on what it feels like to sit down with a heart full of happiness. Note to self: that constant place inside is a wonderful place to come back to in sadness AND in happiness.

So today I started the technique of week two. I have done body mindfulness approximately once before and cried through about all of it. So, I haven’t been the most excited for this week. Uncovering all the stuff we hold onto in our bodies, especially for the first time, can be really overwhelming. But, it’s part of this challenge so I dove into it this morning and worked with the full body scan. I am used to doing body scans as a technique for relaxation by finding points in my body where I am holding tension and gently releasing. It was interesting today to just note sensations without actively trying to alter them. I noticed temperature, texture, pressure, and spatial relationships from head to toe. My concentration was sharpened when I reached parts of my body I never think about like the back part of my knee, or the skin on top of each toe knuckle. The body scan was a good way for me to ease into this week. I’m nervous to go deeper into the parts of my body where I tend to hold my stress and emotions, unsure of what will come up. But it’s helpful to remember that whatever arises, even if it is really unpleasant and provokes some tears, isn’t permanent and is just a part of the practice of opening up, letting go, and moving forward.

Also, if you haven’t seen it, Sharon wrote a great post on Week 2.


3 responses to “Toe knuckles

  1. i think it’s interesting you chose that picture of hanuman. i have that EXACT picture hanging next to my monitor at work.

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