No scan zone

30 minutes
Body scan mediation
Laying down

Agree with Clayton: It is difficult to separate this meditation from the deep relaxation yoga nidra we do in savasana.

Agree with Libby: Kinda scared to see what might come up because I’m pretty sure I’m going to come across some sob-inducing emotions.

Agree with being horizontal: Love meditating while lying down.

Disagree with my body: There seem to be some areas on which my imaginary Xerox body scanner will not scan. Each time I move my mental scanner over those parts, nothing. It’s even hard to move the scanner over it. So I transform the scanner into some sort of heavy duty wheeled vehicle, back it up and really pressed the gas. Only then can I move over that part of the body, but so far it’s picking up nothing. Someone must have declared a no scan zone there.

Disagree with being horizontal: I feel lazy, like I’m not really meditating.


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