Trying to find the time

I am a teacher in my first year at a new school and in a new position (I’ve taught before, but never this grade level or subject), and I am really struggling to find time to meditate when things get busy.  This is confounding because it is exactly the time when I need to meditate!  Being part of this group has been helpful, but I notice myself finding ways to shorten the meditation–I only sit for 5 or 10 minutes, I skip a day, etc.  Today is a perfect example–I had hoped to meditate this morning, but am now running late for work.  When I do meditate in the morning, I seem to have a much more pleasant day and can zoom out of the situations where my anxiety and anger arise (e.g., students being disruptive, principal critiquing me, etc.).

I am going to try meditating at the beginning of my morning routine from now on to see if that improves my ability to have a routine practice–but I will say that meditating has helped me to pause before I react in my day-to-day interactions as a teacher, greatly reducing my stress. I just need to find more time to meditate so I can have more days like this!


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