Mindlessness and my body – reflections on week 2

“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.”

~Jim Rohn

Week 2: mindfulness and the body I knew it would be a challenge for me but it was even harder for me than I expected. I have excuses, a head cold was caught and a sloth seemed to take over my body but those weren’t the only reasons. It was a coincidence that I was ill during the mindfulness and the body week but it was a pretty convenient coincidence.
I’ve gone through periods of my life where I am very aware of my body and how my skeleton, organs and muscles are working together. Now is not one of those times. After starting a business on the fly last year and having to catch up to its pace ever since, I have done almost nothing for my body. I’ve let my routines and good habits slip in favor of not so great habits and almost complete neglect. It is a miracle I have not been ill until this week. It is therefore, no mystery why this week was difficult for me: I am very out of touch with my own being.
Despite being out of touch and feeling a bit frustrated, I meditated every day (with the exception of day 14 when I allowed laziness to talk me out of my 20 minute respite). The head cold was an easy excuse for letting my practice slip but was also a great gift. I was totally aware of how my body felt and it helped me focus my body scan meditations and a few attempts at drinking soup/showering and walking meditations. Now that I feel better it is a bit easier to pay attention to this vessel that I inhabit. I’m not all the way there yet, my scanner still stalls at odd areas that I can’t seem to scan (left ear? Right  foot?) and I am easily distracted from the lovely small daily meditations that I attempt but I catch myself when I am on autopilot now and that is a good first step for me.

Today I feel healthy and ready for tomorrow.

Today I am grateful for breathing. I am always so happy to breathe normally after a cold.

I am here and this is how I feel


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