Sh*t just got real

Thank you to everyone who attended the sit at BYS last night.

Starting out on this 3rd week’s practice, sh*t just got real! Adding in this layer of emotions makes things really messy. It can be hard to deal with on your own. It was so nice to have everyone sharing how they’re feeling (or not feeling, in some cases). Having everyone be so open and honest and supportive. Knowing that there is someone else who feels what you’re feeling. This alone can help make these really big emotions so much more manageable.

The other thing I heard last night was that people were wondering what they’d do after the challenge. Would I continue with the practice? How would it be to not have the book guiding it? Would I take a break and not sit on March 1? Got me wondering if there was some way we could continue to support each other after the challenge?

Would you want to still meet up after the 28 days are over?



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