I meditated on emotions for the first time today.  I have had a difficult time adjusting to a new job and life in New York City and thought this month of meditation would help me find balance and develop strategies with how anxious and overwhelmed I feel here.  Although breathing has been very useful (I often find myself stopping and breathing when I start to react to situations at work), I thought today’s meditation on emotions touched the core (literally) of my stress.  While listening to Sharon’s c.d., I could feel myself instantly center in on a tightness in my chest which has constantly been present throughout meditations.  I recognized the familiar feeling of anxiety which has not left me since I started teaching this year.  When instructed to try to peel apart the layers of emotion, I could feel different emotions bound up in a knot in my chest: self-doubt, excitement, hopelessness, and of course, anxiety.  Discovering these other aspects helped unravel the knot in my core, if only a little.  I am impressed with how easy it was to label and understand my emotions.  I had not stopped and tried to really understand them before, instead I always reacted to them.  It felt comforting to be able to face them and take them apart in a calm, controlled manner.  Hopefully continued meditation on emotions will help with my anxiety!


One response to “Unraveling

  1. I can relate to being able to identify emotions more easily. I was having a difficult conversation the other day and I watched as anger, sadness, and stress started to swell up inside of me. Instead of the emotions enveloping me, and instead of identifying as the emotions, I was able to recognize them as separate from myself. It was as if the emotions were floating in front of me and I could choose to engage or not. I was able to remember love and calmness in my responses which led to a better outcome overall. So simple but so great.

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