Before and After

ImageToday starts out 28 day journey together! On the team for BYS are roughly 20 meditators (students and teachers from BYS), and we welcome each and every one of you! Since we are just starting out in this adventure, we thought it could be interesting to explore the experience by taking a “before and after” photograph of yourself at the beginning and end of the challenge. The inspiration for this come from here. It’s fascinating to look at these faces and try to explain the difference between them. With the spirit of curiosity, try taking a photo of yourself today, and then another one at the of the 28 days. See what you find. It’s not meant to be a marker of how well you’ve done, but just an interesting place to learn something about yourself. Of course, you are welcome to share your “before and after” photos here on the blog, or just keep for yourself.

Hope to see many of you in person at the launch party tomorrow night!

xo BYS


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