Before My “To-Do” List

Sometimes (oftentimes…) Sunday evening brings a mental listing of tasks that should be completed before the work week even begins.  The whiteboard in my bedroom provides a visual space for these “to-do” lists.  Sunday evenings are difficult meditation evenings for me because of this tendency to plan ahead for the week at work.

Today, I haven’t spent anytime listing.  I spent my entire Sunday – 10:00am – 7:00pm – at a meditation and yoga retreat in Bushwick.  I’ll admit that yesterday I was thinking of every possible excuse not to go:  too much work, feeling tired, brunch with friends.  Although the getting there seemed arduous, the being/arriving there made me realize that it was exactly what I needed.  I’m not saying it was easy to explore asanas that scared me and sit with my breath for extended periods at a time, but being there and engaging in the practice made me feel a certain commitment to continuing this practice throughout the month.

I took a break for about a month (from yoga and meditation), but now I’m back to my breath.  My breath will be especially important to practice returning to at my workplace where I’m constantly feeling pulled in different directions with “to-dos” associated with two different jobs.  The one constant in all of my daily work seems to be my breath itself – what are some ways that I can bring myself back to this at my desk, on my way to meetings, or at the meetings themselves?  These “small pockets of practice” (page 41, Real Happiness at Work) will be important for me to add to my daily 10 minutes (or more).

Before I pick up my marker and make my “to-do” list this evening, I’m going to make myself a cup of tea, practicing the meditation that Sharon suggests on page 40…


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