It’s All Gonna Be Alright

Last night I skipped the Super Bowl to head to the first BYS Sunday gathering. I’m very glad I did. In front of about 25 people, I revealed that the primary reason I committed to this was that my wife asked me to. But seriously, I did speak honestly about the need for mindfulness about my “klutziness” ( ) — in and of itself a term of self-judgement.

The 20-minute practice we did was very revealing to me. I did mine with eyes open, in a soft gaze, focused on a wood knot on the floor board. When my attention drifted, I didn’t get angry with myself, I took a breath, straightened my body out a little, and went back to it. I could get used to this.

Even better, I got some interesting insight from two people. One suggested that my head is filled with the need to get things done and my body isn’t responding in kind. That makes sense. Ambika recommended that I look at a walking practice — observe what my feet are doing, how my body is reacting, etc. Good counsel that I took on the 25-minute trek home. I missed the half-time show and got home to a 36-0 game, found I wasn’t interested in the rest.

Today’s snow is a good way to explore what my body is doing. Here’s hoping I run my errands right side up!


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