Day 5 – California

I wish I were a poet so I could somehow come closer to describing the experiences I have had in practicing seated meditation.  I find words somehow not appropriate, (or at least not my own words!) to convey the intensity of sensation I experience in my meditations.  I CAN say that sitting and meditating serves to remind me of the profundity of ME, which in turn helps me face the challenges of daily life with some perspective (i.e., this, too, will pass).

Because of my present circumstances, I have to sneak in meditation practice whenever I can during the day, usually first thing in the morning.  Two days ago, during a midday sit, I had a few extra moments afterwards to take notes.  During that meditation, my mind was rampant with thoughts (other days it has been more calm and my experience quite different).   In my mind, I had a vision of myself clutching a pillar, or a mast, amidst a horrible storm, the winds so strong that I was swept off my feet at times.  I held on for dear life!  The pillar which I held was my breath, and the storm, my own thoughts.  I held on until the storm subsided and the calm returned.


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