Day 6: Sit Still

I am honored to be participating in this 28-day meditation challenge with all of you. My personal meditation practice has existed for some time, although unlike other things that I do in my life, meditation can easily slip on the “haven’t done in a while” list. I don’t struggle with meditation itself, my struggle is creating the time to sit, still. Instead, I often find myself meditating while moving, and then never finding extra time to sit. This is why I have chosen to join all of you in this challenge. By committing to this challenge I feel that if I don’t carve out the time to sit, I would not only be letting myself down but all of you as well. I am eager to make meditation a daily habit again, and I am excited to share this learning experience throughout the month with all of you.

I just received my book, “Real Happiness The Power of Meditation”  today, so I look forward to incorporating this methodology in my future sits. So far though, it has been so nice to sit alone and still in the last 6 days. I’m not focussing specifically on the amount of time that I sit for (being a new mom of a 6 month old I don’t have much control over that) instead, I am choosing to concentrate on just being still and practicing the act of listening. It’s been a hectic last few months, and already in this short amount of time and practice I have connected to myself more deeply and it’s been really nice to check in with myself, like really check in.

Here’s to week #1!


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