Finding a routine

I’m excited to say that this is my first time attempting to create a regular meditation practice. Sure, I’ve sat at the beginning of yoga class to help settle in, or in the evening after a particularly stressful day. Or recently with a friend and her future step-daughters on the morning of her wedding in anticipation of the big day (a particularly special 10 minutes of my life). But these are usually one-off circumstances or special occasions. I’ve yet to figure out how to integrate it into my regular self-care.

There are many, many reasons I can think of as to why I haven’t yet tried: fear of failing, uncertainty of its benefits, time, self-consciousness, etc.! But the one I’ve been struggling with the most this week is a lack of routine. My life in NYC is anything but consistent. I wake up at different times each day, come home at different times, eat dinner with a different person – it’s hard enough to commit to the same yoga class each week, and actually end up changing which day I practice depending on my schedule.

At our Sunday gathering, Ambika suggested sitting first thing in the morning, before the unexpected gets in the way later in the day. This was perfect. I started out the week each morning with a big glass of water and a guided meditation from the Insight App. Success! But, then I went on vacation. I’ve been in Puerto Rico for the last four days, where my schedule is even more inconsistent than when in NYC. I’ve found myself sneaking away from friends to take 15 minutes for myself on the beach. I tried in my room before going out to enjoy dinner. First thing in the morning did not really work out for me in this setting.

I’ll be happy to return to my apartment tomorrow to attempt a morning sitting again. But also know that I’ll be traveling again later in February. As always, I’ll search for balance: creating a routine that allows me to have a solid sitting, but remaining flexible as I know my days will vary.

I’m curious to know if other people usually sit at the same time each day?


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