love + kindness + acceptance

Loving kindness has been my mantra this week. I’ve constantly been trying to find ways to offer it to others, to myself, and just in general throughout my actions. That being said, I have realized that my biggest practice in offering loving kindness has be the practice of acceptance. This third week of the challenge has not been easy for me. This week has been emotionally exhausting. (I think I can thank mercury being in retrograde for that!) Anyway, I also felt that I haven’t been participating in the challenge enough. Not reading others entries enough,not finishing reading the book, not sitting long enough, blah, blah, blah. Hence, I have come to the realization that it’s all ok, if I just accept what I have done thus far and move forward. Accepting that I have an entire week left where I can re-commit myself to the challenge and to all of you (other participants.) To be in acceptance of all the other things that are going on in my daily life is and to be with what is, without judgement and without expectations is what I am working on. Practicing this acceptance and bringing loving kindness into all that Iam doing makes me feel calmer and more grounded. This will also create the space I need and the allowance for me to be more at ease, during meditation, but also in all my other actions.
Give love, be kind, and accept.
Thanks week 3.

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