Back to Brooklyn, again…

Today is the first day of the challenge I find myself back at home.  I arrived this morning on the redeye from LA, so I’m pretty out of it as I write this.  Strangely, this years’ challenge has coincided with what seems to be a big life changing event type-of-thing (I only say that casually because I don’t see these events in my life as being big compared with say, the sun and the moon.)  On the eve of my 40th birthday last month, my partners’ mother had a stroke and we rushed off to be with her and manage her affairs for the entire month.  Finally I’ve come back to Brooklyn alone, for the moment.

It has been quite a good time to try this challenge, and as you can imagine, quite a challenge!  During the past month, I have managed to sit and meditate almost every day, sometimes for long periods of time, sometimes short.  My routine has been anything but routine.  On lucky days, I have rolled out of bed (over the sleeping girls) and practice before the family rises…other times I have practiced sitting in our car in the parking lot, as the baby naps in the midday shade.  In a hidden patio by the equestrian center near the rehab center…in the garden, on the plane…Like another blogger commented recently, I can’t imagine what I would be like without this practice.  Probably a mess!

All my negative traits, my short temper, my impatience, I’m sure would be so much worse if not for my practice.  The very fact that I sometimes still lose my cool reminds me to keep practicing.   I am thankful that this medicine, these practices, have come my way right when I most needed them.

Thank you! Brian


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