I am so thankful for this challenge, because it has made me become more aware. One particular thing that has stuck out for me the most throughout this month is something that Sharon states in her book; “Meditation is never one thing; you’ll experience moments of peace, moments of sadness, moments of joy, moment of anger, moments of sleepiness.” This is exactly what goes on in my life from day-to-day, moment to moment. It’s the same on my mat, and it’s the same when I sit still in meditation. I have become aware of this since the beginning of the month, and I will continue to accept that all of these feelings and emotions must be present, and are equally important to developing a deeper connection to myself, and ultimately a deeper connection to others. This is why I think the practice of meditation is so powerful.

The main thing that I will take away from this experience is that I now am now more aware that I must be kinder to myself. I must have more compassion for myself, and I must take it easy on myself. I am pretty good at giving kindness and compassion to others, but realized last night in my sit that I must also give the same kindness and compassion to myself as well.

As a new mom, this is a great discovery!



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