Concentration. Day 2.

I’ve never written any blogs before and that’s why I thought it will be good for me to participate in this challenge. I practice meditation regularly during last 7 years but I still have to face a lot of obstacles. The main obstacle is me in a form of my mind. I can talk my self out of anything and have many serious reasons why I shouldn’t meditate today. There is a Zen quote that goes like this: “Meditate for an hour every day unless you are too busy. In that case meditate for two hours.” In order to do that I have to get up very early. Best time for me is around 5am. I absolutely love when it’s quiet – the whole building is still sleeping and it’s too early for people to walk their dogs. It’s perfect! The most important – the mind is very quiet. Here is the trick – not to stop by computer to quickly check emails or FB (who can email or text me that early??) but the mind already starts wondering. So, the concentration is important. As soon as I get up, I need to fix my mind on one point – I’m going to meditate right now.

Dharma MIttra always quotes The Bhagavad-Gita: “Fix your mind on Me alone, -the Lord says –  rest your thoughts on Me alone; and in Me alone you will rest hereafter. Of this, there is no doubt.” “Fix” and “rest” are crucial factors in meditation. Restless mind can tense the body making meditation extremely uncomfortable. So in order to get into “zen zone” we need to relax the body by connecting to our breath. The morning meditation passed by very fast today even though it took 5 to 10 minutes to settle into my practice. (My favorite secret of good meditation is that the spiritual time goes faster!) I can compare my mind with crazy dog on a leash that tries to take off in all possible directions. The good news – we can train it to get quite by coming back to the starting point – the breath.

So, concentrate and don’t judge your practice. Empty your mind, open your heart, open your ears, listen, listen to your breath. Dharma Mittra also says that the thoughts are like uninvited guests. They knock on your door and when you open it they can see what you have to entertain them with – nice apartment, big table full of food and drinks, comfortable chairs, music, stories, movies. Of course they stay! and tomorrow they will bring their friends! But if you have nothing to offer, not even a chair to sit on,  they will leave. Get rid of uninvited guests and have a great practice!! Om, shanti ~

 Vaishali Veronika.

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