Reclaiming my Thoughts

“Imagine reclaiming all the energy that could be available to us but isn’t because we scatter it…” Wow, powerful words, simply put. I’m hooked, Sharon Salzberg. Tell me more.

Hours can slip by me, and I often find myself wondering at the end of the night, “What did I do today?” During my first week of this 28 day program, I’ve been mindful of when my thoughts begin to scatter and enjoying the moment takes a back seat.

So where do they go? Conversations from the past, movies, dinner plans, kissing, social media, emails I need to write, job applications, and often, thinking about how I’m going to teach students how to meditate as I’m distracted in my meditation. I’m ready to strengthen my concentration, mindfulness and compassion skills to find a more fulfilling relationship with life.

Salzburg says meditation can help us “spot the way we sabotage our own growth and success.” She instructs us to observe our thoughts and be aware of our patterns, then without judgment, let them go. We learn not to scrutinize yourselves, or let one worthless thought waste anymore of our precious energy. She says that mediating is learning to begin again. These reassuring words have given me hope my first week.

Pioneer psychologist William James said, “My experience is what I agree to attend to.” I will spend this month living with purpose, both in my actions and my mental focus. When I realize my subconscious is suffocating with thoughts that aren’t serving my highest power, I’ll take the option of beginning again.


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