Small Victories

The nice thing about meditation is it gives us a way to actively work with flaws in our personality. This morning is a good example. I was 5 or 10 minutes into my morning meditation and my husband gets up and starts banging around the kitchen. Like most people in NYC we don’t have a lot of space, so my meditation area is carved out around some shelves in the living room.

It was annoying to loose my peace and quiet. The cat started meowing. Cabinets closing, microwave buttons, coffee making, all louder than life to me. I felt disturbed emotions start to rise and instead of reacting I went “huh” and started to watch. My mind tried to latch on but I kept breathing. Watching. Observing. “You are the witness of mind and body activities” is something Dharma says. And today, I was.

So as it turns out, the thing that could have ruined my practice actually became a breakthrough. That was my small victory for today.


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