Meditating with a 9-month Old

I am a morning meditator. And by morning, I mean mid-morning, not early morning. When I participated in the meditation challenge in the past, I was able to spend every morning on the loving kindness meditation before going to work. When I envisioned my month of practice this year, I pictured my old routine of morning meditation. However I now have a 9-month old daughter whose 6 a.m. wake-up time is way too early for my morning meditation inclination. Instead of meditating every morning, I am now changing diapers and feeding a baby.

I realized that my loving kindness meditation routine did exist, it just wasn’t in the morning. Every night I rock my daughter to sleep and sing to her. The last song I sing (okay, there’s only two songs) is the loving kindness meditation set to a melody I heard from Adina at a meditation at BYS. I pause between each phrase, taking a breath and wishing my daughter happiness, peace, health, safety, and a life of ease. As she becomes still in my arms, I take the time to empty my brain of worries and thoughts and focus on the words and the breath. Perhaps singing to someone doesn’t count as meditation, but I’m saying it does.

My favorite part about this ritual is that I used to relish in the part of the loving-kindness meditation focused on myself… may I be happy and peaceful, may I be healthy and strong…now I find it easier to focus the loving-kindness meditation on my daughter.


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