Lessons to Take Forward

Meditation has been a source of insecurity in my practice. Many times after an amazing yoga class, where my body and breath were one, I lie in corpse and fight my mind to stop thinking. I’ll run through Dharma’s visualizations, or try to at least keep my thoughts on one thing. But often, when the teacher calls us to fetus, it’s too late.

Sharon has given me some tangible tools to take away the illusion that meditation is only for the most discipline and centered individuals. It’s work, yes, but it’s doable. My favorite lessons have been setting a timer, naming thoughts as “thinking”, exploring body sensations and viewing the moment our mind wanders as the moment our meditation has begun again.

Loving kindness meditation wasn’t my favorite to sit with, and repeat the mantra, however, I enjoyed it as an “in the moment” practice. I loved the idea Sharon wrote about, how when we hold positive and loving thoughts for those around us we make our world larger by creating a sense of oneness. This week during my midterms, I sent myself a fair amount of loving kindness as well and am working towards seeing myself as complete, rather than my last mistake.

This has been a wonderful re-introduction to meditation for me. I’ve really enjoyed tying Sharon’s tips in my yoga classes and “Real Happiness” will also be the first book I will recommend to students looking to deepen their practice. I plan to continue listening to her mediations and referencing “Real Happiness” for guidance myself. I feel lucky to be exposed to this wisdom and grateful to bring it into my life.


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