Meditation Challenge

Sharon Salzberg’s 28 Day Meditation Challenge

During the month of February, a diverse group of people from all over the worlds are participating in Sharon Salzberg’s meditation challenge. Drawing directly from her two books, “Real Happiness” and “Real Happiness at Work“, this challenge is specifically designed for people new to the practice of meditation, or those looking to refresh an existing practice. The commitment for the challenge is to sit for formal meditation at least once a day, even if that means 5 minutes. Following the techniques laid out in Sharon’s books, this daily structure offers a way to use meditation as a method to explore ourselves in a fuller way, and find the tools to live with more ease and happiness.  In addition to the daily sitting, Sharon has asked all participants to reflect on our experiences with online blogging. Whether your daily meditation practice is pleasant, difficult or in between, the online blogging portion of the challenge opens the process up to share with your fellow meditators.

The structure for the challenge this year is the same as last year:
Week 1: Concentration
Week 2: Mindfulness
Week 3: Lovingkindness & Compassion
Week 4: Bringing the Practice to Our Lives

We are using both books again this year: Real Happiness & Real Happiness at Work. You can use either book or both. Here is a post from last year with a few more details on the structure.

The Brooklyn Yoga School is taking part in this challenge for the third year in a row as a means to explore the practices of meditation within our community! Our team for 2015 is comprised of 40+ teachers, students and friends from the BYS community. Daily blog entries from will be posted both on this website, as well as on Sharon’s website. You can also scroll back and read all the entries for past years on both these sites. BYS will also be hosting weekly gatherings on Sunday evenings for those of you participating in the challenge to come together in person to practice and share.

This is the fourth year that Sharon is organizing this challenge, and it has created a beautiful sense of community and support with so many practicing together and sharing in the experience. This year there are over 1000 people who have pledged to sit daily in the challenge! The hope is that the challenge can continue to foster real dialogue about the potential of meditation to change one’s life, and will intrigue more people to find out what meditation is all about. Everyone is invited to take part! To learn more, visit Sharon’s website. If you are interested in joining the BYS Team for the 2015 challenge staring February 1st, email us today!


Purchase either book here.


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